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Copenhagen is the world’s best city


Copenhagen Best City 1 The British magazine Monocle assigns again Denmark great honor.

It happened last year, and now it’s happened again: The British lifestyle magazine Monocle has for the third time touted Copenhagen as the world’s best city to live in.

A bustling cultural life, a high degree of tolerance, public transport and green spaces are among the factors that now allows Copenhagen the honorable title.

In a press release highlights the tray especially of Copenhagen’s ability to change depending on what is needed.

As a basis for the ranking evaluated the world’s great cities on the parameters crime rate, health system, education system, business environment and Monocle special ‘quality of life barometer’ which is based on the amount of green spaces, cultural facilities, sunshine hours, charging for electric vehicles, how easy it is to start a company and There are several unique shops rather than chain stores.

As a new year city study Monocle looked at whether each city has struck a balance between control and freedom, of, for example, are allowed to drink a cold beer in the park, or you have to hold loud parties as Distortion. The magazine learned that this kind are subject to tighter regulations around the world.

“Many cities have become small police states. For example, cafes and bars in Canada, a country where you only have outdoor seating few months a year, making their chairs and tables in narrow, enclosed areas, so you feel completely trapped. We think it has value that Copenhagen is more relaxed and raw that the city allows people to be creative, and that you do not have a feeling that a nanny or big brother who follows every move, “says Monocle editor in chief.


havhingstenThe 10 Best Places in Europe to Visit Now, via Lonely Planet Number 5. Viking Denmark: Whereas many of the top 10 get high marks for their value, this one pricey. “It’s expensive, but boy do they do it well,” says Hegarty. She points to attractions like Roskilde’s Viking Ship Museum’s five authentically recreated ships recovered from the fjords, Viking strongholds, and rune stones. Worth seeing in July: the annual Viking Moot Festival in Moesgaard for markets, food, archery, and battle re-enactment.





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Guide service In Denmark, Norway and Sweden we offer guide services to our customers. Our chief Guide Mr. J. Asmussen, are ready on location in Copenhagen for tours going til all of Denmark and south of Sweden. He have written books about the area acrosse the bridge from Copenhagen, also called “Skåne”, we can offer …

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